Wednesday, September 4th at 5:30pm – Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation de Tours

Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation de Tours

  •          unveiling of the Zirl Palmer pharmacy building at the corner of Chestnut and East Fifth Streets (old Catholic Action Center).


  •          the building was constructed in 1962 by Dr. Zirl Palmer, a local black pharmacist and prominent community leader. Palmer, who was the first African American appointed to the University of Kentucky board of trustees, operated his pharmacy from this building for several years before relocating to the Georgetown Street Plaza.  September 4 marks the 51st anniversary of the bombing of Zirl Palmer’s pharmacy on Georgetown Street (opened about five years after the East Fifth Street pharmacy).


  •          the tour will continue to the intersection of East Fifth and Shropshire Avenue (a marker of the old Kentucky Association race track) and Shiloh Baptist Church, which housed a white congregation before Shiloh purchased the building in the 1960s.